About us

In addition to our unique blend of professional backgrounds, our expertise lies in bringing about behavioural change by moving beyond theoretical concept into sustained action. For more than 12 years we have been:

  • creating commercially sound tailored solutions for our clients
  • working individually and collectively across many sectors
  • researching and applying the best of ancient and modern wisdom in our field
  • focusing on the human condition – the crucial and only resource to succeed in the VUCA business environment
  • developing our own unique blend of consultancy, training, facilitationand coaching to bring holistic and long-lasting solutions to organisational needs

Our Fit for Change Initiative identifies 4 key development areas to meet the gaping hole in what is needed in the field of organisational capability and capacity for the 21st Century.

Ann Stevenson

Ann is a certified professional coach – the first certified coactive coach in Scotland. She is an HR professional, leadership graduate, and workshop facilitator. Ann has trained extensively in the USA and is a leading exponent of body-based wisdom in Europe. Ann’s passion is to develop capability and capacity through body, heart and mind alignment together with ‘not-taking-life–too-seriously’ thrown in. She is one of four qualified New Equations teachers in Europe.

Lynn Hull

Lynn holds an MBA and is a certified professional coach, qualified teacher, leadership graduate and author. Lynn has also trained extensively in the USA, putting her at the cutting edge of bringing somatic wisdom to organisational development this side of the Atlantic. She is fearless and relentless in helping individuals and groups develop their inner capability and capacity and achieve the transformation they so deserve. She is one of four qualified New Equations teachers in Europe.