Coaching for conscious leadership curriculum


The Coaching for Conscious Leadership Certificate comprises 3 incremental modules, usually studied over a period of 3-6 months. The robustness of the training rests in:

  • its adherence to the ethical guidelines and core competencies of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • its design drawn on the best of the learning and experiences of today’s philosophers, leadership research, master coaches and trainers
  • its incremental development founded on the Stillpoint 6-step model
  • its delivery using experiential transformational learning

Module 1 – All About Me (2 days non-residential)

While developing skilled coaching ability, the key purpose of this module is to raise self-awareness and self-knowledge. Anyone intending to use transformational whole person coaching must know themselves first. Authenticity is founded on self-awareness; an integrated coaching approach on the ability to build trust and hold powerful conversations. Both these aspects are developed in Module 1.

An overview of the programme, the 6-step model, the core dynamic and the 7 Cs framework is provided so that those participants who need an overview know where they are heading.

Time is balanced between introducing and developing new skills and techniques, experiential practice in holding powerful conversations and feedback, and time for deep introspection and learning. To know yourself it is essential to know:

  • where you are right now in your life
  • what makes you tick
  • what gets in your way
  • where you are heading

Module 2 – All About You (2 days non-residential)

This module requires higher levels of consciousness and develops more advanced coaching skills and tools to sustain focused conversations in real time that are wholly about the other person. It introduces body consciousness and knowing how to deal with entrenched views.

‘Getting out of one’s own way’ is a key learning objective so that participants can converse from a place of neutrality, with an awareness of personal impact. The focus of this module is on the power of thought and its impact on our behaviour.

Participants learn how to facilitate a change in perspective using two key resources. In addition they start to become aware of the role of the body as a portal to change as well as learning the art of recovery to stay in the present moment with their client.

Module 3 – All About Relationship (2 days non-residential)

This module focuses on creating powerful relationships quickly using the full range of tools and techniques so that coaching approaches are fully integrated in the participant and available at any time.

By the time participants reach this module there is an expectation that they fundamentally know how to hold powerful conversations, including on difficult and/or sensitive topics. This module aims to lift their skills towards a professional plane dealing with more complex issues. Great emphasis is given to the coaching attitude and how this can be accessed at will.

Diploma: Module 4 – Embodying the 7 Cs

This is a post-experience module. Each participant must have a minimum of 30 logged coaching hours. Through this module participants become much more evaluative and discriminating in how the skills, tools and coaching attitude contained in the Coaching for Conscious Leadership programme are applied. It comprises 12 hours taught time (6 hours face to face plus 6 one-hour teleclasses) with 3 hours minimum written work and two separate supervision sessions.

Completion of these 4 modules gives the 60 hours’ taught tuition required for Associateship credentialing with the ICF which gives the added value that participants can enhance their own career profile.

Credentialing Support

Two hours’ supervision time with a qualified Stillpoint and ICF credentialed coach who will guide you in the process through to application.

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