Embodied Conscious Leadership

It is time to ACT – bringing Authenticity, Consciousness and Trust as an embodied way of being to the leadership repertoire. ACT represents a new bespoke way of looking at leadership as a crucial tool for bringing success to organisations in the 21st century. It forms one of the pillars of our Fit for Change Initiative.

People – the everlasting fuel on which organisations live and breathe – have to be dealt with differently. Command and control has to be replaced by support and engagement; the parent/child approach must change to one that engenders independence and resilience. Executives and managers must learn new skills and ways of being that change attitudes, ways of working, and, in LEAN terminology, reduce the 8th waste – inefficiency in people.

The notion of what constitutes a leader has to change. It must cease to be merely hierarchical and become all-embracing. A good leader knows when it is time to step up and lead and when it is time to step down and follow. This does not deny the responsibility and parameters of particular roles; it focuses on the recognition that leadership takes places any place, any time, provided individuals are given the permission to do so. Furthermore it is part of every leader’s ongoing learning journey.

What needs to change?

Already the rhetoric is present – we know WHAT needs to be done:

  • We need to use the talents of resilient people to the full
  • We need to engender innovation and creativity
  • We need to listen to what our customers say
  • We need leaders who are flexible, fleet of foot and ready to lead in any situation

It is the HOW that is missing – and especially the how of leading strategically, leading through change, leading for innovation and creativity.

What is the ACT approach to Leadership?

The ACT approach uniquely creates, develops and strengthens the pillars of authenticity, consciousness and trust. These three facets of embodied leadership are intrinsically entwined and engender improved relationships, better and faster decision-making and greater communication and visibility.

Authenticity, Consciousness and Trust

Being a leader in today’s world is a humble one. We are moving into times that have never been repeated in our history – they cannot be treated in old ways. All this will do is create friction, resistance and dissonance. Alongside cognitive and emotional intelligence must sit spiritual and physiological intelligence.

ACT focuses on the need for leaders to be able to:

  • “know thyself to get over thyself” – in other words remove ego and vested self-interest from any discourse or decision
  • be truly alert to what is going on, even in the ether
  • be heard and followed by people who are themselves intrinsically motivated.

This inevitably leads to leaner working approaches in the fields of human relationships and transformation.

The ACT programme

This corporate programme is designed to be highly individualised as the new art of leadership is not a formula to be completed or a psychoanalysis to be made. There are 3 focuses which are delivered through a bespoke combination of training, facilitation and coaching.

  • Leading from inner strength
  • Leading others to shine
  • Leading in the unknown

The programme is built on the context and relevance for the individual.

Because behavioural change takes time to embed, the programme lasts between 6 and 9 months.

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