Executive and talent coaching

We provide one-to-one coaching for senior executives, key influencers and future leaders in any organisation, plus we offer a unique Just in Time Coaching Service for rapid response. There are four levels of service.

Stillpoint’s Executive and Talent Coaching services can stand alone or be an integral part of other capability and capacity-building interventions. Through the sustained relationship created with the Stillpoint coach, clients receive:

  • an objective sounding board which is judgement-free
  • a better understanding of who they are and what it is they bring to their role
  • clarity of purpose and mission in life and work
  • clarity around what is stopping change happening and how to release it
  • challenge and support in moving forward

Our approach is action-focused to bring transformation, creating:

  • improved awareness and responsibility for impact
  • greater valuing of others and their contribution
  • greater alertness and presence
  • fitness for change

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Call us on 07813 092678 for an initial consultation or drop us a mail on info@stillpointassociates.com