Learn how to have difficult conversations

What is it that makes us run away from having the ‘difficult’ conversation – the one that is potentially going to affect the person we are talking with quite dramatically? Perhaps it’s a post-appraisal interview; a complaint that’s been simmering for a while; repetition of poor performance – especially when the person concerned is ‘really nice’.

The problem about running away is that it doesn’t go away. It continues to fester, to grow in importance or severity – it may even end up in the lap of the HR expert having to field a disciplinary or a grievance. And that costs money, time and stress for everyone involved.

Managers/leaders of people need a new set of tools, a new way of approaching such issues, in essence a new way of being. They are responsible for initiating the creation of behavioural change. Yet training is sadly lacking in this area. It’s easier to produce a dossier, a checklist, a step-by-step approach. Yet it patently obviously does not work; the human condition is not made to be formulaic, try as we might to put it into boxes.

Stillpoint have a quiet yet powerful way of helping people transform these ‘difficult’ conversations into powerful conversations.

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