Leadership capability

The field of ‘leadership development’ has overattended to ‘leadership’ and underattended to ‘development’…

This means that current leadership development methods focus on the WHAT of leadership, yet this makes very little difference to HOW they actually act as leaders.

How we do business is moving into new territory. In order to flourish in this new world, we must improve our organisational “nervous system” so we can perceive and act immediately and effectively. Leadership is at the heart of that nervous system and the onus is on these leaders to act differently so that the organisational “neural pathways” can also change.

Acting differently, integrating Authenticity, Consciousness and Trust as an embodied way of being to the leadership repertoire, is the leadership road to strategic advantage.

Leaders, wherever they sit within the organisation, have to align with the strategic direction and, through processes of adaptive change, achieve their own language of leadership.

This new, intensive programme balances both organisational and individual change needs. Its approach is posited on personal challenge, empirical reflection and impact analysis.

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